Where the 2016 Presidential Candidates Stand on Immigration

For those of you who missed the third and final Presidential debate, immigration was an important topic discussed by the 2016 Presidential candidates. Moderator Chris Wallace asked both candidates about their positions and plans regarding immigration. Some highlights include Mr. Trump accusing Secretary Clinton of wanting to give amnesty to all illegal immigrants. He also stated the need for stronger borders, in an effort to keep drugs out of the United States. Trump reiterated his plan to build a wall on the southern border and deport criminals as one of his first actions in office. Ms. Clinton said that she does not want to “rip families apart” and deport the millions of undocumented people in the U.S. She also asserted she has supported border security for years and will ensure resources go towards deporting any violent criminals. Secretary Clinton stated she would introduce comprehensive immigration reform within her first one hundred days in office.

Hillary Clinton’s official immigration plan promises to introduce comprehensive immigration reform within her first 100 days in office, which would include a route to citizenship. Ms. Clinton also supports President Obama’s executive actions from 2014 that would allow undocumented immigrants whose children were born in the U.S. to apply for work permits and temporary residency (also referred to as DACA and DAPA). The Supreme Court blocked this order, after issuing a 4-4 split decision, leaving the Fifth’s Circuit decision in place, and denied rehearing the case this session. A Clinton Administration will also continue President Obama’s policy of deporting violent criminals and others who break the law after entering the U.S. In addition, Clinton would end family detention for parents and children, and she would also allow all people – regardless of immigration status – to buy into the federal health care exchanges.

Donald Trump’s official immigration plan includes building a physical wall on the Southern border on his first day in office. Mr. Trump would not support President Obama’s executive actions and has promised to triple the number of enforcement and border patrol agents. A Trump Administration would oppose any pathway to legal status for immigrants in the U.S. illegally and would deny illegal immigrants access to any government benefits. He would suspend issuance of visas to any places “where adequate screening cannot occur” and would also create a deportation task force that would prioritize the removal of criminals or people who have overstayed their visas.

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